Summer Modeling Push

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This Summer I’ve been wanting to do a big push with modeling words on H’s Talker to help him see all of the different things he can say with it across different scenarios. We have been focusing on 6 core words (but still modeling lots of other things, too). I was able to screenshot his Talker and laminate a copy for school with these 6 words circled and we have all been working together trying to model them extra.

He’s shown particular interest in the phrase “look like”, which I wanted to focus on because he’s always pointing out things that look like carousels (gazebos, weather-vanes, tiered serving platters, party tents, the list goes on!) and ferris wheels and kaleidoscopes. A while back he discovered that the flower called an “osteospermum” has an image that looks just like a ferris wheel! It has been his favorite flower ever since!

Today I knew I wouldn’t have much time to model – only before school – because he won’t be back home until bedtime. I was feeling a little rushed this morning but saw that he pressed “Coltsfoot plant” (there’s an entire page of flowers pre-programmed into the Talker!) and I pressed “coltsfoot plant look like dandelion”. He erased what I wrote and he pressed “Osteospermum look like ferris wheel”!! It was the first time he’s used the word “like” as far as I can remember and he was delighted to be able to use a full sentence to say what he usually expresses as “osteospermum ferris wheel”! Later on, I asked him which flower looks like a ferris wheel and he said “like ferris wheel”.

I’m so encouraged that our hard work modeling is paying off and that H is finding new ways to say what he wants to say!

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(Image is a photo of the Talker with the word “osteospermum” at the top and an icon of a flower that looks very similar to a ferris wheel.)


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