Challenge: Learn to use the Talker!


[Image shows papers on a table, including a list of words, instructions for the challenge, and monthly calendars.]

In January, I took part in the Speak for Yourself “Learning to Speak AACtion Plan” challenge. This was a 12 week crash course of mini-lessons in learning to speak using H’s Talker. Each week there were just 5 words to learn and each day there was a 5 minute activity to help me learn where the words were. H didn’t have to be involved – this was just to help *me* become familiar with the location of the words on his Talker. It was fabulous! I loved checking in each week and I gained a lot of confidence using the Talker.

With the start of Kindergarten I want to rekindle the motivation. Like a New-School-Year’s-Resolution! In our family, I am the person who has taken charge of all things Talker-related (with much support from my amazing husband!). However, as H is getting older and the Talker is such a huge part of our family life, I think it’s time that we all get more comfortable using Talkers every day.

So. I’m challenging my husband to do the 12 week “Learning to Speak AACtion Plan”, starting this week. He’s ready to go and I’m going to do it alongside him, using the next level words that I haven’t already practiced. I’m planning to teach H’s little sister 1 word per week since she’s showing a lot of interest in using the Talker lately.

I’ll be checking in here to share our progress and any changes we notice! If anyone wants to try this out, I’ll link to the resource materials, below. There are quick print-outs and weekly blog posts on the Speak for Yourself blog from last year. The weekly posts were really excellent and I highly recommend following along with them!

The instructions and master list of words can be found here, near the bottom:

The first week’s blog post can be found here (follow along with each week on the SfY blog):



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