A note from a friend

H came home from school with this sweet letter from a classmate yesterday. A girl in the general ed kindergarten classroom in which he spends part of the day wrote the note and drew a picture of him rolling down the hill at recess. I love that she drew his blue Talker, too!

I worry a lot about whether fellow students will be accepting of H and if they will be kind and include him. Whether they will truly get to know him and be his friend and not just think of him as ‘that kid who is sometimes in our class’. This town will be his community and I want to make sure he feels like a valued member of it.

We’re happy the school district is pushing toward more inclusion and we are advocating for H to be in the general ed classroom as much as possible. The schools put a huge focus on kindness, celebrating diversity, and building each other up, which is wonderful.

It made my mama heart happy to see this little piece of evidence that someone is enjoying spending time with my sweet boy!

#neurodiversity #autismacceptance #inclusion #AAC #speakforyourself #bucketfillers

[Image shows a crayon-drawn picture of a boy laying on the ground, holding a blue iPad case. The text below (editing for readability) says “Dear H, I love when you roll over it is so funny. It cracks me up.”]

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