Never assume it’s random button pressing



I’m sure at some point you’ve all heard me talk about how important it is to presume competence of nonverbal people. Here’s a little story for your day. I was sitting on the couch tonight with a few stories with the kids. They were each kind of listening and kind of doing their own thing. I read a couple and then asked if I should read “The Pout-Pout Fish” (best book ever!). I picked up the book and sat down and with his Talker (what we call his communication device), H said “kaleidoscope”. Now I could have written it off as “random button pressing”, but I know better. Continue reading

Welcome to Neurokaleidoscope!


Welcome! Thanks for visiting the new blog! I’m Lynn, wife of an amazing guy and mom to 3 energetic and hilarious little munchkins. Our family is neurodiverse – our son, H*, (now 4.5) is autistic, our older daughter, L, (now 2.5) is typically developing, and our youngest girl, C, is only 6 months. My husband is neurotypical and I have sensory processing differences and am currently exploring my own neurology.  Continue reading